Who Are The CoachArt Contemporaries (CoCos)?

The CoCos is a social group that supports the mission of CoachArt by sharing resources and networking with others. Founded in 2008 by CoachArt Board Members Joanne Pauley, Carlyn Henry and Natasha Croxall, the group has grown to include over 150 members in the Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay areas and is continually branching out.

The Contemporaries are a valued part of CoachArt's success, raising awareness as well as funds for the organization and its cause. Each year, the financial goal of the CoCos is to raise the funds necessary to become the Title Sponsor for one of CoachArt's many special events. In Los Angeles, this year's goal is to sponsor CoachArt's annual Summer Camp.

Every year, the Contemporaries host two events for members. The first event is a cocktail party to network with members and learn about key highlights of CoachArt programs. The second event is family-oriented and brings together Contemporaries members with the children and families receiving services in the CoachArt program. The Contemporaries are also invited to special events throughout the year.